The Utility Mobs Mod adds a ton of new useful mobs to aid in your everyday experiences. Golems, roving turrets and walking tool blocks are here to help the fight against your enemies.


Golems are crafted similarly to the Snow Golem except they’re made of stone and ores and are much stronger. Iron and Gold golems are armored and have weapons. And the Bound Soul golem is made from soul sand and you can place whatever armor and weapons you want on it. As soon as they see enemies they will start to attack and their damage depends on the strength of the blocks they’re made from.

golem attack


New turrets have been added with this mod. They can turn in 360 degrees to follow nearby enemies and attack on sight. Basic turrets are made from stone, bricks and obsidian and steadily increase in attack damage.


And then more advanced turrets can shoot flaming arrows like the fire turret made with a redstone block.


Lastly you can craft various blocks to follow you around on your travels. If you need a crafting table, furnace, anvil or chest you can add a skeleton skull to any of them and they become your tamed pets. They’ll follow you around and you can even tell them to sit or stand by shift + clicking them.


walking blocks