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Project Red Mod

ProjectRed is a Forge mod for Minecraft, co-developed and maintained by MrTJP and Chickenbones. It is a recreation of Eloraam’s RedPower2, which is currently in the process of being turned into an independent game. Just like the mod that inspired it, ProjectRed brings vastly improved redstone control via compact Wires and integrated Logic Gates.

Wires work sort of like redstone dust, except they can be transmitted for up to 256 blocks, and go up and under blocks as well as around corners.

Logic Gates allow you to fit what would otherwise take a huge building of redstone craziness and squeeze it into a tiny logic gate, that can be placed on any solid block on any side.

It written inside the ForgeMultipart API.

Forge Relocation is another mod that was designed to work with ProjectRed, but can be used independently. It adds a way to move blocks from one place to another. Its universal API can be used by any modder to easily add support for their blocks. A plugin for FMP is provided as an example for other modders to base their plugins on.

ProjectRed is a massive mod. It has been split up into several modules that you see below:

Please see detail and download all mods Project Red



Compatibile mods and Addons

The following mods add cross-mod interactions with Project Red: