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Our Last Days MegaPack

Our Last Days MegaPack is the texture pack ( last days ) resolution 32×32 with some updates, and a little bit of mod support.

not official or supported by any of the original  authors,  just one more link in the chain of people picking the pack up and dragging it just a little bit closer to 1.10.(which i have no clue how to convert this to…) Use to your hearts content!

still working on it from time to time, so expect an update or two down the road…

Currently only being used and tested on the Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved pack (with expert mode)

i don’t really expect this to go anywhere big just for use by me and a few friends while we play on our new server.


Texture packs Spotlights:

Update soon…

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This texture packs is made by mrcalzon02, all credit to modder. Visit the original texture packs thread here for all info.