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Minecraft Worlds Mod

What is Minecraft Worlds?

Have you ever wanted to generate a completely customised MineCraft world, filled with buildings and landscapes unlike any you’ve seen before? Maybe a desolate wasteland with ruined buildings, abandoned cities and crumbling skyscrapers like in Fallout? Or how about a gigantic city riddled with roads and filled with buildings and vehicles like in GTA? Maybe you’d like to re-create the world of Warcraft, or perhaps… you’d just like a PVP arena or a randomly generated dungeon for you and your friends to do battle in? MineCraft Worlds allows you to do all that and more! Even if you’re only interested in some lovely custom made shrubberies or a few small tweaks to ore-distribution, we’ve got you covered.

Minecraft Worlds Mod doesn’t just allow users to completely customise terrain generation, it also auto-magically blends in user made structures with any terrain/biome you configure them to spawn in. This means that you can re-use your structures in different worlds with just a few clicks in the graphical user interface. It also means that structures can be easily shared with the whole community and can be used by anyone for any kind of world! Almost 400 structures are included with the download for you to explore and use in your own worlds!

Use the graphical user interface that is packaged with the mod to easily configure your world, add/swap structures, configure world borders and pre-generate the entire world using your multiplayer server. Or even better, use a single-player client to pre-generate the entire world while running in the background, then upload the pre-generated map to your server and play with your friends!

You can create large and small worlds, pvp arenas, battlefields with destructible environments, randomly generated dungeon instances (like in Diablo), custom maps and game levels. Even if you want to keep it simple, you can just add natural features like waves, craters, volcanoes, custom vegetation, fallen trees, tree-stumps, rocks, fossils, geysers, you name it. You can also manage ore distribution or create your own ore veins/mines!

Only works for Forge single- and multi-player for MC 1.7.2. and 1.7.10 at the moment, of course you can pre-generate entire maps in single-player and use them on servers with different versions of MC!

MCW stores information about the creator of each world and each structure and a message by him/her that people can read ingame, so world and structure creators get credit for their work even if it is on someone elses server. Hopefully, MCW will encourage the MineCraft community to work together, share creations and bundle imaginations to create some of the greatest MineCraft worlds and custom maps we’ve ever seen!


MCW is a fork of the TerrainControl mod. The TerrainControl mod gives users control over the world generator and provides settings for an amazing number of parameters, allowing users to completely customise their world and generate any kind of terrain. Most of the terrain generation features in MCW come directly from TerrainControl! MCW builds on TerrainControl and adds advanced features for the creation and placement of user-made structures and procedurally generated dungeons by the terrain generator. MCW also adds world border and pre-generator functionality. An overhaul of a significant part of the TC population mechanics was required to make the new features work and work efficiently, allowing for a massive number of user made structures to be loaded. I will work together with the TC devs in the future to share as many features as possible between TC and MCW and hopefully eventually merge the mods into a single mod.

Please download TerrainControl Mod in here


– MCW is packaged with a tiny windows application called TCEE, a graphical user interface that allows users to create and customize world settings, save and load presets and generate worlds. TCEE’s interface allows users to easily customise terrain and add/swap/delete user-made structures with just a few clicks.

Please download TCEE in here

– Most of the advanced terrain generation features of the TerrainControl mod are available in MCW allowing users to completely customise the terrain of generated worlds.

– Users can add their own structures to the world generator, make it effectively distribute them across the world and make them blend in with the surrounding environment by using the settings provided by MCW (such as dynamically generated smoothing areas). Structures and smoothing areas automatically blend in to their environment by using the blocks, vegetation, snow etc native to the biome they’re placed in.

– MCW provides advanced features for the branching mechanics of procedurally generated structures allowing users to create structures like dungeons, cities, mazes etc with a randomised layout that can grow to any shape or size based on a basic blueprint. Dungeons will never generate unreachable rooms, can be made to dynamically fill spaces of any shape or size and can include randomised interiors, booby traps etc.

– MCW provides a pre-generation feature that allows users to set a radius in chunks around the spawn point within which all chunks will be populated and spawned before the world allows players to join when it starts up. The pre-generation feature can be used to prevent any lag caused by exploration or to completely pre-generate a world in single-player and then upload it to a server.

– MCW provides a world border feature that allows users to set a radius in chunks around the spawn point outside of which no chunks will be populated. This can be handy for making small worlds with only one or a few structures such as a battlefield, arena, some kind of custom map/game-level or a randomly generated dungeon. You can also use the pre-generator to generate empty chunks outside the world border so that when you copy your map to a server without MCW the area outside the world borders remains empty!

– MCW provides a feature for importing .schematic files (used by WorldEdit and mcedit) and can show author and description information for structures ingame using the /mcw console command.

– Memory footprint should be minimal during normal operation, it should only be high when using the pre-generator feature. However even when pre-generating large, complex worlds filled with all kinds of structures (such as the demo world) MCW should run on servers with only 2GB RAM (although the speed of the pre-generator may not be too great!). Ofcourse I’m sure that sooner or later you guys will find a way to add so much stuff to a world that 2GB won’t be enough and the server explodes ;).

Installation and getting started: See the txt file included in the release or watch this video:

Mod Compatibility:

– Mods that replace the world generator and/or add custom biomes, like Biomes ‘O plenty and ExtraBiomesXL, will most likely not work with this mod. You can create your own custom biomes with this mod though!

TerrainControl can be used with WorldPainter, so this should be possible with Minecraft Worlds as well. This feature has not been thoroughly tested yet though!

– Supports custom blocks

– Should work with most mods, please submit a bug report if you find a compatibility problem.


Here are some screenshots of the demo world included with the release!

The demonstration world features over 400 awesome and amazing structures converted using TCEE from schematic files downloaded from www.minecraft-schematics.com! Some schematics were slightly edited for use in MCW using mcedit, they were all converted to BO3 files using TCEE and can be used by anyone for any future projects! Author and description information for nearly all these structures is available in-game via the /mcw console command.

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Here’s a demonstration of the random dungeon generator at work, check out this underwater temple and its dungeons!

Here’s a little example of dynamically generated smoothing areas around user-made structures:

This is just a fraction of the demonstration world (PG Islands), the only way to really experience it is to load it up and try it for yourself! Please post screenshots of anything awesome you find if you do! And welcome to Minecraft Worlds! 😀

And of course my all time favorite screenshot (from earlier in production)….

Mod Spotlights:

Update soon…

How to install:

  1. Install the version of Forge that corresponds with the mod (http://files.minecraftforge.net/ Choose the installer version of Forge)
  2. Download the Minecraft Worlds Mod.
  3. Drop the entire zipped file into your mods folder (Search %appdata% on your PC then go into .minecraft, then mods(create this folder if it is not there))
  4. Open Minecraft and make sure your profile is set to Forge
  5. Start Minecraft and enjoy!

Download Mods:

This mod is made by PeeGee85, all credit to modder. Visit the original mod thread here for all info.