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Inductive Automation Mod

Inductive Automation Mod contains a lot of machines and tools that can help with big building projects is survival mode or can be used to automate resource farming and do other stuff:

Content and Screenshots:

One main goal of this mod is multifunctionality. In the following you may get a small impression of what that means:

This is what you would probably expect from an Automatic Farm and this is also what automatic farming machines in most other mods would do. This one is told to…
– plant Potatoes whereever possible

– plant Bonemeal on everything that would drop Potatoes

– harvest everything that would drop Potatoes and has a block-metadata of 7 (full grown)

But thats not the only thing they can do, lets have a look at this one. This Automatic farm is told to…

– plant Saplings whereever possible

– plant Bonemeal on everything that would drop Saplings

– harvest Leaves

– plant Flint’n Steel on the side of everything that would drop Logs

You can tell the Automatic Farm to do almost any right-click operation on specified blocks using Block Placement Controllers.

Lets have a look at a more usefull usage than burning trees, you could for example use it to create a desert like landscape. This Automatic Farm is told to…

– harvest everything that would drop Dirt

– plant Sandstone on Stone

– plant Sand on Sandstone

There are more usefull machines in this mod, like this one:

This Automatic Builder has build a house from 11 Building Textures (one for each layer). The Stairs where configured using Block Placement Controllers to get them oriented correctly and the attached Automatic Miner was used to dig out the hill where necessary.

With this mod you don’t need to build things like this by hand anymore (but of course you still have to provide the building blocks and energy):

This house probably looks a bit familliar to you. This is what “moving entire parts of the world” means. This house (and a bit sourrounding landscape) was teleported into the Nether using the Teleporter, it “just” costed about 11,5 million kJ (= 115M RF equivalent) of energy:

The black block is an Interdimensional Wormhole that is needed to move things across dimensions.

 Compatibillity with other mods:

It uses Forge Modloader so it can be installed together with other Forge based mods.

The mod is playable alone on its own without missing essential content but it is more optimised for being used in modpacks and it can interact with other mods in many ways:

Items like Copper OreSilver Ingot, Steel, … are registered in the Oredictionary of Forge so you can also use the equivalent items from other mods in recipes. Also fluids like Steam and Biomass are shared with other mods.

Some ores used in the most common mods are added to ore processing of the Advanced Furnace in the config file by default. You can remove them or add your own if you like (see Configuration File section below).

The Energy Link Block is able to convert Energy from other mods (Thermal Expansion) into this mods’ Energy and the other way around: 1 RF <–> 100 J
The item and fluid pipes and machines of this mod can be also used for machines from other mods as well as their fluid and item transport can be used here, too.

The Farm should be also able to plant and harvest non vanilla plants (if not, try using Block placement controllers).
Also the Teleporter should be able to move most modded blocks without problems.

Computercraft peripherals:

Some machines can be used as Computercraft peripherals which allows more detailed control:
The Miner will then only mine blocks at the positions given via commands.

The Builder can be told which block should be placed where.

Computercraft can be also used to set the target position of a Teleporter and to start the teleportation.

Detectors which are used to monitor energy, fluid or item states of a connected block will allow reading out the entire inventory, all contained fluid tanks and the exact amount of energy stored in the connected block when used as peripheral.

Its strongly recommended to install the Not Enough Items Mod.

This mod will show the crafting recipes of Items (it’s the only way to see them as they are currently not listed anywhere).

Configuration File:

(This is only available since v. 3.2.1)

Automation will generate a file called automation.cfg in the config folder of your Minecraft directory during the first lauch of this mod.

By editing this file using a text editor you can change some game settings of Inductive Automation:

Ore Generation:

By default Copper and Silver ore will only spawn in your world if it isn’t provided by other mods. This can be changed to never spawning these ores (for whatever reason) or always spawning them (if you want to use the ores from Inductive Automation rather than from other mods).


You can change the energy capacity and usage, as well as power generation and cable properties for most machines and tools.

Also the energy conversion ratings for RF and EU can be changed (if you are unhappy with the default energy balancing).

Antimatter Bomb:

When running a Minecraft server one might fear of getting the whole world destroyed by players excessively using Antimatter Bombs.

To prevent this you can change the maximum explosion radius (default 256) to a less destructive value (for ex. 16).

[this would not change their abillity to break bedrock and obsidian]

You can also make them more/less expensive to use by changing the explosion power multiplier.

Advanced Furnace recipes (since 3.3.0):

You can add your own Recipes for the Advanced Furnace in the config file if you like.

There are some ore processing recipes for ores from other mods added by default. To add a new one, simply extend all the colon separated arrays. For fluids use the fluid-registry-name with the amount followed by ‘*’ in front of it. For items use the ore-dictionary-name of the item with optional the stack size followed by ‘*’ in front of it. If the stacksize is not given the recipe will take only one item. Leave whitespace for item or fluid -slots that are not used. Make sure that all arrays have the same amout of elements, otherwise the recipes won’t be loaded.



How to install:

  1. Install the version of Forge that corresponds with the mod (http://files.minecraftforge.net/ Choose the installer version of Forge)
  2. Download the Inductive Automation Mod.
  3. Drop the entire zipped file into your mods folder (Search %appdata% on your PC then go into .minecraft, then mods(create this folder if it is not there))
  4. Open Minecraft and make sure your profile is set to Forge
  5. Start Minecraft and enjoy!

Download Mods:

This mod is made by CD4017BE, all credit to modder. Visit the original mod thread here for all info.