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Gielinor, The Fourth Age Map

Note: To those that have downloaded versions 1.0.2pre or earlier, please do not complete the quests Ghost Town, Tax, Museum, Mithril Sword, Remnants, Tendrils, Paragons, and Dominion Tower; instead, download the abridged version below.

If playing in multiplayer, please try to stay together at all times. Some features may work incorrectly in MP.


World Map – Kingdom of Misthalin

World Map – Kharidian Desert

World Map – Kingdom of Asgarnia


World Map – Wilderness


The Fourth Age is an open world RPG adventure map set in the vast world of Gielinor. The map explores the aftermath of the devastating God Wars as the surviving species compete for dominance over the ruined lands.

Features of the map include:


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Texture Pack credit: John Smith Legacy (slightly modified)

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This map is made by renkha, all credit to modder. Visit the original map thread here for all info.