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Devgirl Neko’s HD Resource Pack [1.7.6] [1.7.5] [256x]

Devgirl Someone’s HD this is resource pak HD textures. Pak Retain the atmosphere and spirit of the standard texture, Oct dobaviv displacement texture. Texture Pak has 256×256 resolution

Download link:

Download Devgirl Neko’s HD Resource Pack

How to install Aurora’s Resource Pack

  1. Set OptiFine HD or Patch the client using McPatcher HD
  2. Download this and place the pack in the Resource folder resourcepacks by default: S :/ Users / ‘username’ / AppData / Roaming / .minecraft / resourcepacks
  3. Start the Minecraft
  4. Mind in Settings
  5. Please go to Resource pack
  6. Click on the arrow next to the puck (it must move one column to the standard)