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Cobblestone and Stone Armor Mod

Cobblestone and Stone Armor in Minecraft can be hard to come by sometimes. It takes time to find enough of the right materials and until you can make your armor, you’re left exposed to the dangers of the world. Enter the Cobblestone and Stone Armor Mod.

This mod simply adds a few new crafts for all that cobblestone you’ve collected. If you’ve mined anything at all you definitely have more than enough cobblestone to go around. This mod will give you a peace of mind when you’re trying to find something stronger and more available than leather. It bridges the gap to iron nicely. Cobblestone armor is slightly less durable than gold armor and stone armor is just as durable as gold.

What makes these new armors so beneficial is how readily available the materials are. If you desperately need a little extra protection, all it takes is some digging and smelting if you want stone over cobble.

One other feature added is cobblestone tools. While stone tools already exist in the game, this mod makes slightly weaker cobblestone tools that are probably more for aesthetics and logical reasons rather than being particularly beneficial. Still they do look pretty cool.

This mod would be great for survival servers especially on harder difficulties because sometimes a little armor will go a long way.

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