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8-Bit Minecraft Texture packs

Minecraft has always had too many pixels, so let’s just bring it down to 8-bit.  New update for texture pack 1.10.

Instead of making everything super HD and cool looking, this resource pack goes into the opposite direction. This resource pack brings back the 8-bit genere, and every block and item is 8×8 pixels. If you ever though your game could run faster, here is the resource pack to do just that. This improves the speed of minecraft almost 3 times, which is amazing for a resource pack. It sounds bad, but give it a shot; you might just change your mind.

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Feature List:

Future Plans:

  1. Create custom textures
  2. Make all the songs 8-bit
  3. Finish off the language
  4. Make fonts different
  5. Adding mod support

All mod-support is for version: 1.9.4

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This texture packs is made by FireController1847, all credit to modder. Visit the original texture packs thread here for all info.