[Survival] Valley of the Sun Map

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Valley of the Sun Map

Valley of the Sun Map was created by a team named Vadact, who is also a person, but the members who built this masterpiece are :

  • fuselmonster
  • protalz
  • Vadact
  • iAlphax17
  • Game4Aaron
  • HalfDeamon
  • brow30535

Multi-talented architects who created you of the Sun Valley, Sun Valley. It is a valley where a pre-Columbian civilization it has taken up residence, I must admit that I had no idea if the Maya, Aztec, Inca or other less known civilizations. I’ll still go to a less complete than I usually do description, but here nonetheless a .

This place, which is a valley surrounded by high mountains bare of any snow, unlike places often presented, but despite these high mountains, a barrier prevents anyone would climb to the top of one of the mountains to the cutting of rock as razor. In this valley are long since abandoned monuments, memorials recalling the heyday of fulfilling civilization, but those years are well and truly behind as the vegetation has invaded all buildings present no plant has spared a single building. Gigantic statues are visible from far away, surely statues representing sacred deities or so men of power, but it does not stop there, as a large pyramid stands in a prominent place and even if it was destroyed by the time his remains are sumptuous .
In addition to a sumptuous architecture and a delicately shaped field, the map cache chests scattered around the valley and mountains. Waterfalls, divine buildings or crevices contain some of these chests, and they are just waiting to be met before the game starts, for the Hunger Game begins, so that there is more than a survivor surrounded by bloody corpses .

I wish you beautiful dead on this map, and also a lot of fun, but mostly what I first …

Valley of the Sun Map 2  Valley of the Sun Map 1  Valley of the Sun Map 5  Valley of the Sun Map 4  Valley of the Sun Map 3Download Links:

Download Valley of the Sun Map

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[Survival] Valley of the Sun Map
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