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Author: Bspkrs
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  • Updated January 15, 2015
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The Treecapitator Mod is a great addition to Minecraft to significantly speed up the removal of trees in the game.


It works simply by using an axe to destroy the bottom block of any tree. As soon as you do the entire tree explodes into all its individual blocks. What’s great is that it also destroys the remaining leaf blocks and gives you all the saplings that would have dropped. Probably the most useful of this mod would be taking down Jungle trees. They are already so massive that destroying them just takes so much time. Well now with this mod you can take a whole one down in seconds.


There is a neat little feature to this mod if you still want leaf blocks. Just have a pair of shears in your inventory and when you destroy the tree, all of it’s leaves will fall as well.


It’s actually not much of a “cheating” mod as it’s more of a time-saving mod. You will still take the same damage to your tools as you would normally and the time to chop will depend on what level axe you have. And likewise you will probably lose your shears in one tree if you use it on a jungle tree. Depending on the size of the tree will also determine how long it takes to remove that block of wood. Some will take longer than others. You can adjust a lot of these settings in the mod config menu from the main menu of the game.

You will need to also download the bspkrsCore API for this mod to work.

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