Terra Restore 2 Map

Terra Restore 2 Map for the game Minecraft is a massive new 1.9 map in a new type of sub-genre, an adventure/CTM hybrid styled map.
Author: Mithey
  • Adventure
  • Updated April 10, 2016
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  • Terra Restore 2 - v0.3.5 Alpha Release for Minecraft Version 1.9.zip
  • Release Type: Release
  • Supports: 1.9, 1.8
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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Terra Restore 2 Map for the game Minecraft is a massive new 1.9 map in a new type of sub-genre, an adventure/CTM hybrid styled map. The map mixes the best elements of an adventure map along with a CTM map into a truly unique and awesome experience. You will travel the lands of Nira with your friend Exiel (an enderman) as you try to help restore the land and bring peace to it once more among the three types of species – humans, animals, and monsters. The map mostly has you in survival mode to give you freedom on how you want to do things, however it also at times throws you into adventure mode to do various challenges and other things that you can’t properly do in survival mode.

If you want a map that breaks the mold of traditional maps and uses command blocks to a great degree to create awesome unique experiences then this is the map for you!


Length: Roughly 3-6 hours of gameplay currently, 4/16 wools added
Difficulty: Easy mostly for the first part of the map but gets progressively more challenging
Players: 1-4 players (1-2 recommended)

  • Boss fights and events – Each dungeon either ends in a boss fight or an event. The boss fights contain powerful monsters that have extra abilities controlled by redstone, have health bars, multiple difficulties, are not easily abused/cheesed, and more. Events throw an objective at you that you must complete such as defend a villager or survive 3 minutes. Bosses and events set you into adventure mode and also fully reset on death. They also scale slightly with the amount of players present.
  • Restoration – You will receive a terra restore (wool block) at the end of each dungeon. On placing terra restores on the monument you will slowly start to restore the land around the area and bring it back to life. NPCs will start to pop up and you can generally find some nice loot and useful things in the restorations.
  • Challenges – Roughly mid way through each dungeon there will be a challenge area which contains a chest with pretty decent loot at the very end of it. Getting to the chest is the hard part though as the challenge could contain parkour, puzzles, time elements, waves of monsters that you have to get past and such. Much like bosses/events, challenges set you into adventure mode.
  • Music – Every area in the map has a song attached to it and so do the bosses. The music repeats and will help you immerse yourself in the map.
  • Story – Fantasy setting with character development and cut scenes. Prequel to Terra Restore 1 and the setting involves the 3 groups – humans, monsters, and animals trying to strive for equality and peace even though they are very different from each other. Some groups of monsters don’t agree with it so there is some conflict in various places around the world of Nira.
  • Essence currency system – Each monster you kill gives you essence. Essence can be used to purchase upgrades for your base, buy items from shops, and more! You lose some essence on death.
  • Base upgrades – You can upgrade your base with a disco dance floor, enchantment tower, kitchen, and more! Each of which has it’s own practical use.
  • Towns – Intersections now also have towns in them which will often contain NPCs, minigames, inns, shops, and the likes. Monsters don’t spawn while in such areas so they are pretty safe!
  • Horses – To help you travel through out the overworld you get access to some horses which are also upgradable.
  • Overworld – Connects all the towns and areas together.
  • Keep Inventory – You don’t lose your gear on death.
  • Rare gear – Gear is a lot harder to find which makes exploring way more worth it.
  • Uniqueness – This CTM map is very unique in comparison to the other CTM maps out there and I strive to make it high-quality.
  • Fun factor – Definitely a lot of fun on multiplayer and will have you wondering what is next.


Terra Restore 2 Map 1
Terra Restore 2 Map 2
Terra Restore 2 Map 3
Terra Restore 2 Map 4
Terra Restore 2 Map 5
Terra Restore 2 Map 6
Terra Restore 2 Map 7
Terra Restore 2 Map 8
Terra Restore 2 Map 9


Download latest file:

Terra Restore 2 Map 1.9

Terra Restore 2 Map 1.8

This Map is made by Mithey, all credit to modder. Visit the original thread here for all info.

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Terra Restore 2 Map
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