SkyWalls Multiplayer PVP Mini-Game Map Map

MineCraft SkyWalls Multiplayer PVP Map was inspired by "The Walls" by Hypixel and "Skyblock Warriors" by the SwipeShotTeam.
Author: JamesDwho
  • Game Map
  • Updated June 14, 2016
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  • MC1.8-1.9 SkyWalls PVP Map V1.3
  • Release Type: Release
  • Supports: 1.10
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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MineCraft SkyWalls Multiplayer PVP Map was inspired by “The Walls” by Hypixel and “Skyblock Warriors” by the SwipeShotTeam. Four Teams go head to head with each other against the clock and must build structures & craft tools and weapons to fight to the death, the last SkyBlock team standing wins the round.

MineCraft Version Compatibility:

  • MineCraft 1.8 – 1.8.8 Vanilla
  • MineCraft 1.9 Vanilla


    • “How to Make a Cobblestone Generator” Instruction Book
    • Fully “Wireless” redstone around Arena (setblock command)
    • Automated Player Teleporting and Gamemode Updates
    • Team Management featuring Team Colours and Disabled Team PVP
    • 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60 minute variants (60 minutes 1.8 version Only)
    • Up to 12 Players (3 per SkyBlock)
    • Weapon Enchantment
    • Redstone trap Supplies
    • Centre wall Supply Chests
    • Minimap for Spectators
    • Cobblestone Mined Tracking Scoreboard
    • World Protected for Spawn Area and Spectator Platform (Adventure Mode & Potion effects)
    • Colour co-ordinated Team Hats
    • Spectator Gamemode [MC 1.8]
    • Player Minimap (Map) in Loot Chests [NEW]
    • Messages for When a Team Wins [NEW]
    • Messages for When Teams are Eliminated [NEW]

Player Rules:

  • DO NOT BUILD or GO Above or Below the Walls!
  • DO NOT BUILD beyond the wall boundary area!
  • DO NOT MINE the sand blocks in the Walls!
  • DO NOT LEAVE your Corner until the Walls Fall!


  • Build Walls around your SkyBlock so you don’t fall off
  • Create Infinte Water
  • Make a Farm
  • Craft Bows and Arrows to defend your SkyBlock
  • Build Traps to kill other players
  • Enchant your Weapons for that Extra Advantage
  • Find Iron and mine the Diamond in the Centre
  • Get to supply chests before other players
  • Hold SHIFT a lot

Player Video Settings:

  • Render Distance 16 Chunks (Far)
  • Clouds OFF
  • Brightness BRIGHT
  • Use VBO’s OFF [MC 1.8+]

(Enable VBO’s If you have Low FPS)

Recommended Resource Pack:
This Map was designed using the BDCraft Sphax Resource/Texture Pack you can download Sphax at http://bdcraft.net

Contained inside the SkyWalls PVP Map zip folder are 6 different round timers, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60 Minutes. Copy and Paste one of those variants into either your Dedicated MineCraft Server Folder or your MineCraft Saves folder. The “MineCraft 1.7” Version of the Map is NOT compatible with MineCraft 1.8 or Newer and the “MineCraft 1.8” version is not compatible with MineCraft 1.7.

Server Properties Configuration:
– gamemode=0
– pvp=true
– view-distance=15[Required for Clock]
– spawn-monsters=false
– spawn-protection=0
– enable-command-block=true
– spawn-animals=false
– announce-player-achievements=true

Multiplayer Play:

Team Selection:
– Choose Blue/Red Teams first (closer to clock)

DayNight Cycle:
– By default the world daynight cycle is disabled, to re-enable it type in chat “/gamerule doDaylightCycle true”

Team Detection: [NEW]
– Wait for All Teams to be Detected before starting the Countdown, Once the Countdown has started No new Teams are allowed.

Team Elimination: [NEW]
– If an entire Team Leaves the Arena (From the Top of the Walls down to the void) either by Death or Teleporting (Admin or Otherwise) they are Permanently Eliminated from the Game and cannot win!

Starting the Game:
– The Server Owner/Operator/Admin (Opped Player/s) will need to have access to the Creative Gamemode to Start the timer. The timer activation Button is located behind the Instructions signs in the main spawn area. This method is standard for MineCraft PvP Minigame maps.

Content Creators [YouTube/Twitch]:
If you are a YouTuber, Twitch/Live Streamer or another type of video content creator you are free to record/stream the MineCraft SkyWalls Multiplayer PVP map with Ad Supported Monetization. But please provide appropriate credit with links to my YouTube Channel (http://youtube.com/JamesDwho) and the Download Location for the Map (Originally Planet MineCraft and CurseForge). Feel free to Contact me on YouTube, Twitter or Email with a link to your video.

Media Kit:
Contained inside of the download zip file is a Mediakit with three variants of the SkyWalls Logo. You are free to use these in any videos featuring the SkyWalls PVP Map, but do specify the Logo is created by the Original Creator (JamesDwho) and is from the MediaKit. This Media Kit and the assets contained are supplied to you under the Creative Commons CC-BY Licensing.

[Creative Commons Information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_license]

Map Modification and Usage:
You are not allowed to Modify this map and distribute without my permission please either contact me via email with the subject “Skywalls PVP Map Modification” or via YouTube or Twitter Messages. You are allowed to modify the Map for Private Use Only.

Additional Details:
This is my first MineCraft Map Upload so any constructive feedback would be very much appreciated.

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Map Spotlights:

Update soon…

Download Mods:

This map is made by JamesDwho, all credit to modder. Visit the original map thread here for all info.

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SkyWalls Multiplayer PVP Mini-Game Map Map
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