Minecraft 1.7.7 Officially Released

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  • Updated April 10, 2014
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Minecraft-1.7.7Minecraft 1.7.7 is out, with a step closer to adding that players have been waiting for the birth of Minecraft is the ability to change name!

Given the little additions (only changes in skins ), this article shows the contents of the pre -release 1.7.6 . 1.7.7 is out and fixes some bugs.

In this version , all the players names will be converted to their unique identifier (UUID Universal Unique IDentifier) ​​.

We also have some information about the name change :

  • If a player changes his name, he will always be banned , with the same inventory, etc.
  • It will be impossible to take an existing name ; it is not until the owner changes his name ( so be careful if you change your name , you may not be able to resume ) .
  • The name change will be activated when Mojang find there enough players using 1.8, so that the servers have time to adapt.
  • Mojang currently has no details on the restrictions of the name change and how it will happen. They want the name change is “easy and obtainable free ” ( removing the assumption of payment for name change ) , but do not want ” it is possible to change its name every 5 minutes.”
  • The 1.7.7 version is incompatible with 1.7.5 and earlier versions , so you have the updater server 1.7.7.
  • If you want a hug from Mojang because you are afraid of the name change, they will make you one.

And because it would be a shame to have a version with only the addition, Mojangounet has made some small other :

  • Improvements Minecraft Realms , which is available in more and more countries (currently confined to Nordic countries : Canada , Iceland, Norway … )
  • System changes skins
    • Duplicate skins (eg , two players with the same skin ) must not be uploaded several times as they are downloaded from a URL
    • Off- line server skins updates will be less frequent and have less impact
    • No need to restart the client updater skins ; in the worst case , disconnect and reconnect will be enough to solve the problem.
  • Some optimizations
  • Lower default FOV
  • Some bugs fixed
    • When the block where a broken arrow was , the arrow still in his state of ” stuck in a box ” and when slipping on another block , turned it into the block it was before. It was used to make the bug arrows transforming bedrock TNT
    • The / save -all had peaks lag on large maps
    • Some crashes fixed
    • The ” See Mojang ” in options broadcast (in the profile launcher ) button led to the old bug tracker

Unfortunately that’s all for this version. Expect , however, a rich snapshot additions tomorrow ! Dinnerbone has already unveiled an addition : the ability to move up and down the servers in the server list and a right arrow to play on this server. Note that it is already possible to do this with shift + up / down arrow .

Download Link:

Cross-platform server jar: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/1.7.7/minecraft_server.1.7.7.jar

Cross-platform server for windows (exe): https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/1.7.7/minecraft_server.1.7.7.exe

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