Metroid Cubed 3 Mod

Metroid Cubed 3 Mod 1.7.10 is a semi-popular game series from Nintendo, following the adventures of Bounty Hunter and all-around bada** Samus Aran
Author: FirEmerald
  • Armor, Tools, and Weapons
  • Updated September 25, 2016
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  • [1.7.10]MetroidCubed3V0.3.26.3.jar
  • Release Type: Release
  • Supports: 1.7.10
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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Metroid Cubed 3 Mod 00

Metroid Cubed 3 Mod 1.7.10 is a semi-popular game series from Nintendo, following the adventures of Bounty Hunter and all-around bada** Samus Aran. Now you, too, can be Samus Aran – in Minecraft!
Metroid Cubed 3 is a mod that adds in many items and mechanics from the Metroid game series, most notably the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Suit up, and prepare to fight for galactic peace!

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New mechanics:

Energy/missile refills
Metroid Cubed 3 Mod 1
these refills are dropped when a mob is killed. how much is dropped depends on the health and strength of the mob.

Suit Helmets
wearing any powersuit helmet gives you infinite water breathing. Additionally, if Galacticraft is installed, wearing a powersuit helmet prevents damage from lack of oxygen.

Suit Boots
wearing any pair of powersuit boots gives you a jump boost, as well as negates fall damage.

Suit energy
Metroid Cubed 3 Mod 2
Energy tanks can be applied to powersuit chestplates. while a full set of armor is worn, damage taken is first applied to the energy stored in the armor, and then anything left over is taken from the player’s health. Conversion is 1/2 heart of damage = 5 energy units.

XRay visor
Metroid Cubed 3 Mod 3
the XRay visor utilizes a shader to imitate the visor from Metroid Prime. When this visor is active, certain ores will be outlined by a color, similar to an x-ray mod.

Lock-on feature
pressing ‘V’ while looking at a mob causes you to ‘lock-on’ to that mob. This causes you to always face that mob, and seeking projectiles will first target that mob. You will lose the lock-on if the mob is too far away or moves out of sight e.g. behind a wall.

Metroid Cubed 3 Mod 4
A player wearing the Phazon Suit can enter hypermode by entering a pool of liquid phazon, and a player wearing a PED suit with at least 1 energy tank can enter/exit hypermode by pressing ‘R’ to expend an energy tank. While in hypermode, the power beam becomes the powerful Hyper Beam, and rapid-fires phazon beams which normally deal out a whopping 10 hearts of damage. The world becomes black-and-white, except for phazon.
If using the PED suit for hypermode:
Hypermode will automatically end after 25 seconds via the auto-vent feature.
Phazon-based damage, and liquid phazon, will corrupt your hypermode.
the large bar, called the ‘Phazon Meter’, shows how much phazon you have left for hypermode. Using the hyper beam decreases the bar. If your hypermode becomes corrupt, it will slowly fill up, and if it reaches full, you automatically die.

Gravity feature
the gravity effect, given by the gravity/phazon suits, negates the effects of water on movement. Additionally, if Galacticraft is installed, it negates the effects of planet-specific gravity.

Metroid Cubed 3 Mod 5
pressing ‘B’ opens the logbook. the logbook holds useful information about suits and powerups – obtaining a suit or powerup will unlock it’s corresponding entry in the logbook.

gunship GUI
Metroid Cubed 3 Mod 6
when inside the gunship, the logbook is replaced with the ship GUI. clicking on a planet allows you to zoom in on it, and clicking the same planet again will attempt to take you to that planet.

Nether Damage
when not wearing a varia-enabled suit (any suit other than the basic powersuit), you will take constant damage in the nether.

Dark Aether
When inside dark aether, and not inside a safe zone or wearing the light suit, you take constant damage. Wearing the dark suit cuts the damage by 80%.

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Chozo Compound

Red Chozo Compound

Orange Chozo Compound

Purple Chozo Compound

Power Core

Gravitational Anomaly

Laser Focus

Bucket of Liquid Phazon

can be used to place liquid phazon into the world. Be careful – once placed, liquid phazon CANNOT be picked back up again.
Bendezium Ingot

XRay Tuner

this is not used up in crafting.
Ship Cockpit

Ship Engine

Ship Thruster

Ship Landing Gear


Dark Crystal Block

Portal to Dark Aether

Step into the portal to teleport to Dark Aether. Only works in the Overworld.
Light Crystal Block

Portal to the Overworld

Step into the portal to teleport to the Overworld. Only works in Dark Aether.
Crystal Base

Place it in the world, then right-click with a light crystal to activate. Shoot the crystal with the dark beam/light beam to deactivate/activate.
Both the light portal and the activated crystal give off a regenerative aura that protects you from Dark Aether’s atmosphere.

generates RF from furnace fuel.
Flux Tester

outputs a comparator signal based on it’s current storage – also acts as a battery.
Energy Flush

when powered by redstone, recieves power and destroys it. Useful to drain Flux Testers.

Starting out:

Power Suit Helmet

This helmet not only gives you infinite water breathing, but also a nice HUD with a radar too!
Power Suit Chestplate

Power Suit Leggings

Power Suit Boots

These boots protect you from fall damage!
Power Beam

fires, in the words of VoidChimera, ‘orange juice’.

Power Beam Upgrades:

Missile Launcher

Adds balistic weapons capabilities, A.K.A missiles, to your existing power beam!
Wave Beam

Same damage as the power beam, but can go through walls, seek enemies, and provide power to machines!
Ice Beam

Slightly more powerful than the power beam, can freeze enemies, does 1/2 damage to cold-based mobs, and 2 times damage to fire-based mobs!
Plasma Beam

More powerful than the power beam, can set enimies on fire, does 1/2 damage to fire-based mobs, and 2 times damage to cold-based mobs!
Dark Beam

Same damage as the power beam, can slow enemies, and does 1/2 damage to dark-based mobs.
Light Beam

More damage than the power beam, can set enemies on fire, does 2 time damage to dark-based mobs!
Annihilator Beam

More damage than the power beam and can seek enemies!
Super Missile

Uses 5 missiles at once to deal massive damage with a bigger explosion!

Uses missiles while active – auto-seeks enemies!
Ice Spreader

Uses 10 missiles, can freeze enemies, lava, and ice, and creates snow!

Uses missiles while active, deals heavy damage, sets things on fire, melts ice and snow!
Dark Burst

Uses 5 missiles to activate, moves slowly, creates a miniature black hole on impact!
Sun Burst

Uses 5 missiles to activate, moves slowly, creates a sphere that sets things on fire and deals heavy damage on impact!
Sonic Boom

Uses 5 missiles to activate, moves VERY fast, and deals heavy damage on impact!
Missile Expansion

Increases the missile capacity of your beam by 5!

Suit Upgrades:

all upgrades improve defense rating of the armor
Varia Suit

prevents you from STAYING on fire, and allows you to be in the nether without taking constant damage
Gravity Suit

prevents you from BEING on fire, allows safe movement in lava, and allows faster movement in water.
Phazon Suit

grants immunity to BLUE phazon effects, and allows hypermode while inside liquid phazon
Dark Suit

Decreases damage from Dark Aether’s atmosphere by 80%
Light Suit

Nullifies all damage from Dark Aether’s atmosphere, and from dark water.
PED Suit

provides regen when on BLUE phazon, and allows for hypermode when you have at least one non-empty energy tank. Has the drawback of corrupt hypermode from being in liquid phazon or when hit by a phazon-based attack, which causes death if not vented.
PED Suit Hazard Shield

Improves the PED suit by preventing you from being on fire and allowing safe movement in lava.
Night Vision Visor

Allows night vision – press C+J to activate.
Thermal Visor

Allows thermal imaging – press C+K to activate.
X-Ray Visor

Allows the ability to ‘see’ ores within a 5-block radius – press C+L to activate
Screw Attack

Adds a damaging effect to your jump.
High Jump Boots

Increases jump height considerably.
Space Jump Boots

Allows you to jump in mid-air
Speed Booster

(the potions are extended-duration swiftness II potions. splash potions can be used as well.)
Allows you to move super-fast under the right conditions.
Energy Tank

Increases your maximum energy by 100 units – the equivalent of 10 hearts.


Missile refill

can be used to spawn in a missile refill.
Power bomb refill

can be used to spawn in a power bomb refill.

Can be used to spawn in Samus Aran’s gunship.
Only the person who placed the ship and OPs can destroy it.
Cannot be destroyed by directly attacking it. Use arrows/beam weapons.
While inside, press ‘Z’ to descend, and ‘B’ to open the planets GUI.

Morph Ball Systems:

Morph Ball

Enables morph ball, a 1-block-tall form for reaching small places – press Z to activate

Enables jumping in morphball mode.
Morph Ball Bombs

allows you to set bombs while in morph ball, used to gain extra height due to the lack of a jump feature in morph ball mode – ‘use’ the power beam to set one.
Power Bomb Upgrade

One of the most powerful weapons in Samus Aran’s arsenal.
press ‘F’ in morphball mode to set.
Capable of destroying an 8-block-thick wall of obsidian.
Power Bomb Expansion

increases maximum powerbombs.

Planned Features:

Thermal Visor – ‘hot’ blocks, such as fire and lava, will impair the visor.

Tinker’s Construct support

A better algorithm for determining how much energy and missiles a mob should drop upon death.

POSIBLY damage when near lava while not wearing a varia-enabled suit, and ‘Dark Aether atmosphere’ damage while in the End.

What’s in the config? (Please Read!)

You can disable the HUD and the radar!
You can enable legacy crafting (Metroid Cubed 2 recipes, don’t ask me to post those here!)
You can change the size and range of the radar!
IDs and whitelists so you can improve mod compatibility!
you can add blocks to the XRay visor!
you can disable the shaders!
you can affect how much player-caused damage is multiplied by when draining energy tanks!
you can enable Master_Hill_’s Varia Suit model!

Mod Spotlights:

How to install:

  1. Install the version of Forge that corresponds with the mod (http://files.minecraftforge.net/ Choose the installer version of Forge)
  2. Download the Metroid Cubed 3 Mod.
  3. Drop the entire zipped file into your mods folder (Search %appdata% on your PC then go into .minecraft, then mods(create this folder if it is not there))
  4. Open Minecraft and make sure your profile is set to Forge
  5. Start Minecraft and enjoy!

Download Mods:

This mod is made by FirEmerald, all credit to modder. Visit the original mod thread here for all info.

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Metroid Cubed 3 Mod
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