[Map] Taerin : The Under Hill Village 1.7.5

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Hello Minecrafter,

You have a habit of bitching about the fact that I often publishes maps on DeepAcademy and yet you never say if its members do nice things or not. The interest is whether you like the maps that I present or not, and not to yell when you often see a name, because I think you say that I am lazy and I do not want to look so much I present constructions of this team or so others that I usually present . Know that I’m looking for the best work possible and I will be very frank with you , it is 11:38 p.m. ET I write only for you, so you have something to put your teeth ! So I’ll still show you a map of one of the members of the DeepAcademy , but this time it will be a member I’ve ever introduced.

After his first building that was really the most beautiful and largest , Boitameu headed for something much quieter . Inspired by a place belonging to World of Warcraft dwarves, the architect has created Taerin : The Under Hill Village. But why qualified Taerin village in the hill? This question kept running through my head so I decided to contact him and I asked him this question, he told me exactly that:

Vegetable atmosphere of this area also makes me think of a hobbit theme , so I decided to make houses underground giving as Taerin name : The Village On The Hill.

When you look at the pictures, you will notice that the author says is true , there are some side worthy of the trilogy by JRR Tolkien and this side is rather striking when we look at precisely the map. Personally, I immediately saw that aspect and I thought the Shire and Bree a little for decoration , but it is only a personal opinion . You can also see the uniquely shaped trees, even a bit too much for my taste and that is why I asked the creator of the trees and he told me that it was indeed voluntary , that n ‘ was not used to create environments ravaged by time , it simply prefer everything to be clean , smooth.
You see Boitameu was given the sentence to create Taerin , it varied blocks and adding good terrain , modeled itself trees and the whole environment as a whole is entirely alone, and that in fifteen hours. Pretty impressive , do not you think?

I hope this time you will finally be convinced by DeepAcademy and its members know each built differently, I have proven through the following images , it looks nothing with what you have already seen . There are not too many reliefs, as some have criticized , or too many items, everything is simple and relaxing, everything is clean and yet detailed . A true work of art is his map of buildings!

Recommends using Conquest pack when you go on the map and use MCPatcher or Optifine for more realism and beauty. Shaders used on the pictures are the SEUS .
I myself have put you the download link for the resource pack to save you a lot of research.







Download links:

Download Taerin : The Under Hill Village

How to install Luigi’s Mansion Adventure Map 1.7.5

How to install Taerin : The Under Hill Village Map 1.7.5

Go to the folder. Minecraft. To do this, open minecraft.exe and follow these steps:

1. Click on “Edit Profile”


2. Check the “Game Directory” and then copy the text to the right box:


3. Press the “Windows” key and “R” and paste the copied text exe

Mac, Linux and other text that you copied says “path” to follow your records to your “minecraft” folder. It’ll just drag the folder of the map in the “saves” folder. Have fun!

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