[Map] Frost Breath [1.7.5]

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The scenario of the aircraft crashed in the mountains in a confused and hostile place is a concept seen again and again in the cinema. However, it is absent in minecraft. However, this is an interesting concept , since in this kind of movies, or heroes must survive and explore this unknown land. Survive and explore. These two words are they not those who define minecraft? That is why qu’ErminCraft created Frost Breath .

In Frost Breath , poor survivor of a plane crash who finds himself in the middle of a snowy nothing to help it survive zone is you. Here’s a little story to show you more clearly your situation:

A plane crashed into the icy plains of Alaska and removed . Facing life-threatening injuries and cold local weather, the survivors have only a few days to escape the raging elements , as well as hostile creatures lurk in the dark , before it is too late …

Now that the context is set, let’s look at what awaits us next survival. No land already. Just rock. Good luck for agriculture. Wood will also be a very valuable resource. And no wood, no tools. And without tools, you can make a cross on all blocks and items arising. In short, this is map… a map that will bring you challenge the day. Night, that’s another story. As you probably will not have tools on the first day, you probably will not secure home.

You ‘ll have to fend for himself. Or die. It’s your choice .

ErminCraft said a list of goals to achieve to complete the Frost Breath :

  • Get warm clothes to not die of hypothermia.
  • Crafter torches and place them on the plane , and finally what remains .
  • Make a campfire.
  • Make the interior of the aircraft safety.
  • Survive the first night.
  • Finding water and food .
  • Find and kill a tree.
  • Tame a wolf.
  • Write SOS using wood blocks .
  • Find the survivors of the tail of the aircraft.
  • Flesh eating zombie .
  • Explore the abandoned village.
  • Explore the abandoned military base .

Download Link:

Download Map Frost Breath Minecraft

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[Map] Frost Breath [1.7.5]
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