[Map] Deadly Orbit [1.7.5]

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DeadlyOrbit Deadly Orbit 1 Deadly Orbit

The survival maps , we have seen a package. Each with their differences maps in the snow, in caves, easy maps , maps of the infamous … But they are all one thing in common : they are happening on Earth , with some maps in Skybloc style , but has a land base . And it ruins my introduction, if we talk then hush …. And casually, this factor is not to be neglected. Why ? Because, you see, regardless of the map where you play, the difficulty will be lower because you do not have to worry about the items . The items certainly makes something that you fear in this map . Because, as the name might suggest , Deadly Orbit takes place in space. Here’s a little story to put you in context:

    The Soyuz spacecraft approaching the International Space Station to address it when a cloud of space debris damaged the propulsion module . The astronauts aboard the station called for help . They never had an answer.

I think you understand the situation : the Soyuz is paralyzed and damaged and the International Space Station seems abandoned . And you fit in? Well you’re stuck in Soyuz . As you get out. Where to go? Join the ISS would be a good start. Then you can take a ride on the side of an abandoned bus , punched by asteroids . Otherwise, there is nothing else, apart from the items .

And you surely understood that said space, said darkness. The ISS will be a hostile place for you , filled with no less hostile creatures .

One last thing : we are in minecraft , so there is no gravity . Except for you. And items will not kill you (you do not suffocate , no need oxygen bottles or anything else) , at least as long as you do not fall …

Here is finally a list of goals we let the author :

  • Go to the ISS.
  • Extinguish the fire in the greenhouse of the ISS and plant a tree.
  • Explore the ISS in search of water and food.
  • Repair any holes in the wall of the ISS.
  • Retrieve the iron content in the antennas and solar panels of the ISS.
  • Find provisions in the shuttle.
  • Find and activate the emergency beacon on board the ISS.
  • Find survivors
  • Use the second Soyuz to return to Earth.
  • Trade with the three survivors.
  • Build a glass dome.
  • Building a flag above the ISS using pieces of colored wool.
  • Plant a tree for each type.
  • Build a farm of each type.

Deadly Orbit 1

Deadly Orbit 2 Deadly Orbit 3

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[Map] Deadly Orbit [1.7.5]
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