[Map] Dead Desert [1.7.8]

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As I left too long in my eyes, I will introduce more maps of buildings , because I love them and I know there are also people who enjoy them with you . I’ll say it again , if you do not like this kind of maps , so do not look at the article, it’s not worth it.
But what map is it exactly ? It is a creation of expensive TheTripping Kangaro0 , this young American who makes us dream with these realistic landscapes . Before presenting us his gift for his 500 followers on the site where it is active, it gives us a taste of what it will be . This taste is called Dead Desert , Desert of death for those who do not understand English . I think it was inspired by the Death Valley is a well-known California desert. It is full of the most eccentric landscapes regarding deserts, but go to the description.

Containing mountain ranges dotted with snow, towering cliffs , plains of ocher sand with small desert trees and a small lake that seems to be salt, Dead Desert seems to welcome the most wacky landscapes never before encountered. Shades of colors in these plains , which does not seem so dry that it may surprise many people, like the sides of cliffs where you can clearly see the rock layers whose colors are hot .
In short, that surprises in a desert like this , but walking alone in a place like this can certainly cause death, because the temperature should not often descend below 30 ° C.

That happiness with this beautiful desert. As I said, I honestly think that the author was inspired by the Valley of Death, as you can see on a lake in the early white blocks are present, which may represent blocks of salt and so it would be a salt lake , a lake that is also present in this Valley of Death. In any case, he was inspired or not this place , this building remains a masterpiece minecraftien to me.

Dead Desert 2

Dead Desert

Dead Desert 5

Dead Desert 4

Dead Desert 3

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[Map] Dead Desert [1.7.8]
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