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Hello Minecrafter,

The Flappy Bird map DudelCraft  is adapted to cause an application for mobile phones invented by Nguyen Dong Ha . Flappy Bird in January became the most downloaded, but unfortunately some people have complained of plagiarism and the author has withdrawn its creation application.

This game was passing a particular kind of bird between green pipes, it was enough to tap with his finger on the phone to the bird riding, however it fell each time and this is why the game was qualified as very difficult, because the bird does not fly high and fell quickly, the pipes were very close which made the game more difficult.
The game was resumed and adapted many times in several games , but Minecraft is a first , while others have tried to replicate it , nobody came properly before DudelCraft .

The game is almost the same for a few details :

You can choose between easy mode (easy ) and hard (hard) .

Easy mode allows you to not die after hitting a pipe. Once you hit a pipe, the experience bar will begin to rise and if it fills up, then the game ends with a beautiful Game Over.

Hard mode is not as friendly as soon as there is contact between you and a pipe , the game will end immediately. Basically, this mode is the real game

You can reset the score to zero or when the entire map back to zero, so the pipes will change place to make the game harder , but you still have the opportunity to do every time the same map .

To be able to fly his bird, which is a chicken , you will simply jump to the beautiful chicken named Flappy flies, but beware that you will fall fast enough.

Death awaits you on the ground, then as soon as you touch the game will end immediately.
Your score is visible above the chicken, you never forget your score.

In addition to being great, the background of this map is exactly the same as the real game, which makes the immersion even more incredible .
After testing the game, I must admit that I preferred minecraftienne than my mobile phone version as flying a chicken is much more fun than flying a sort of flying fish – bird.
You now know everything you can with command blocks , thanks to the new 14w011c snapshot, I think we ‘re all looking forward to the release of 1.8, who knows what we can do with these additions fascinating .




Download Links:

Download Flappy Bird Map for Minecraft

How to install Flappy Bird Map Minecraft 1.7.5

Go to the folder. Minecraft. To do this, open minecraft.exe and follow these steps:
1. Click on “Edit Profile”


2. Check the “Game Directory” and then copy the text to the right box:


3. Press the “Windows” key and “R” and paste the copied text


Mac, Linux and other text that you copied says “path” to follow your records to your “minecraft” folder.

It’ll just drag the folder of the map in the “saves” folder.

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