Fixxit Resource Pack [1.7.2-1.7.8]

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The Fixxit resource pack fixes some minor bugs, inconsistencies, and improvements that the developers seem to ignore. It was created by Starwarswii and myself. Here is a list of the things Fixxit changes:

  • “Moss Stone” is “Mossy Cobblestone”, because that’s what it actually is. Someone might want to add actual mossy stone in a mod, too.
  • “Stone Stairs” is “Cobblestone Stairs” (same reasons as above).
  • “Jack o’Lantern” is “Jack-o’-Lantern”.
  • “Edit sign message” is “Type sign message”.
  • All of the potion effect potency Roman numerals have been added. Yes, all of them. The highest potion potency is 128. By changing your language setting to “Fixxit – No Roman Numerals”, Arabic numerals will be used instead of Roman numerals. When using it, the potion effect numerals go from -256 to 256. Even though the limit of the NBT tag that stores the potency is 127 (0=potency of 1), Starwarswii told me that he heard a Jump Boost effect with a potency of 256 negates fall damage, so there must somehow still be a potency that high.
  • Enchantment level Roman numerals have been expanded beyond 10. I didn’t go all the way to the highest level this time, because the highest level is 32,767. There’s no way I’m doing that all by hand! So instead, I just went up to 130 by ones and went from there to 200 by fives. I don’t think you’ll need an enchantment level higher than 200 anyway. As with above, Fixxit: No Roman Numerals uses Arabic numerals instead of Roman numerals. It is also expanded to the entire -32,767 to 32,767 range.
  • All but one of the untranslated tooltips in the Statistics menu have been fixed. The only one that’s not fixed is the End Portal (the actual portal block).
  • “Portal” is “Nether Portal”.
  • Mossy Cobblestone texture uses the current Cobblestone texture with moss on it. I found the texture on the bug tracker.
  • “You can only sleep at night” is “You can sleep only at night”.
  • “End Portal” is “End Portal Frame”
  • “Raw Fish” is “Raw Cod” and “Cooked Fish” is “Cooked Cod”, because “Fish” isn’t specific enough anymore now that we have more than one kind of fish.
  • “Seeds” is “Wheat Seeds”, because again, “Seeds” isn’t specific enough.
  • “Melon” is “Melon Slice” and “Glistering Melon” is “Glistering Melon Slice”.
  • The descriptions for the “Time To Mine!” “Time to Strike!”, and “Time to Farm!” use “Craft a” instead of “Use planks and sticks to make a”, reflecting that those achievements can be obtained by crafting the tool out of any material (changed in 1.7).
  • The description for “Hot Topic” is “Craft a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks”.
  • The description for “Overkill” is “Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit”, which reflects the actual requirements for the achievement.
  • “Use ‘@p’ to target nearest player” is “Use ‘@p’ to target the nearest player” and “Use ‘@a’ to target random player” is “Use ‘@a’ to target a random player”.
  • “Bonus Chest” is “Starting Chest”, for clarity on what it is.
  • The description for Hardcore mode when creating a world is “Same as survival mode, but locked at Hard difficulty, and one life only” instead of “Same as survival mode, locked at hardest difficulty, and one life only”.
  • The description for the Generate Structures button adds a period to “ect.”

Fixxit 1

Fixxit 2


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Fixxit Resource Pack [1.7.2-1.7.8]
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