Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack 1.7.5

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  • Updated March 19, 2014
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Welcome to the Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack for Minecraft!

If you have ever tried enchanting in Minecraft you might have noticed that the results are usually pretty random.  You don’t know what you are getting!  This is because the language on the enchantment table menu is not real.  This is a feature that looks cool but is pretty annoying.  If you like to enchant your items at all, you might want something better.  This translates the words into English!  This pack allows you to have a much better idea of what you are getting!

Main Features

  • Translates the enchanting table words into English.
  • Allows you to decipher what you are getting in the table.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: This is a really nice idea for a pack, since it allows you to see the enchantments in English.  This saves you a lot of time with trial and error.
  • Cons: This pack is still a very early work in progress so expect some missing items.  This pack only does one small task and some players might not find it useful enough.


  • Updated to the latest version of Minecraft.

How to Install Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.5

  1. Download and install MCPatcher or Optifine to allow HD textures and other custom options.
  2. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  3. Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder
  4. Find the folder called resourcepacks inside
  5. Place the entire file of ?Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack  inside
  6. Run minecraft after you place the folder into the resourcepacks folder
  7. While in the game you can choose the Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack and you are ready to play.

Download Link:

Download Enchantment Auto Decoder Texture Pack

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