Downstream Survival Games Map [1.7.5]

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I’ve finally found a map that is not fully dedicated to building as you ask often , although it is not an adventure, I think you’ll like it anyway since it is a map and thus survival games for Hunger Games minecraftiens .

In a world where water is master, is an island paradise since all aspects include the most pleasing to the eye colors. Tree leaves , as rosy as beautiful cherries, were planted there many years beside the green fir spines and much greener grass at the foot of majestic plants are those trees. Despite the presence of greenery , towers reliefs of the most interesting and made ​​of wood also stand on this mysterious island. They are made of a strange wood does not recalling this island could remember more exotic places that are perhaps more out of this world, but we will unfortunately never visit .

At the middle of the island there is a pond with a strange look, because in the middle of this lake is an island with a small building in the middle, and old chests around this beautiful building . The edges of the pond are strange lights acting as pedestals also strange , as if a civilization had organized a sort of old game
However, this is not the only source of water since this source seems to flow inside the mountain of the island and flows violently to finish waterfall and freshwater river, the waterfall is crossed by a long bridge wood and it is the same for the river. Atop Mount mentioned is a far more imposing than the others, a building in the old air and dominates the island to show its importance, and it is probably just as important as building secrets building. The island already seems very old and this is why many cobwebs appeared after so many years, but people always organize special events or a person can get out alive.

As you can see , this island in the name of Downstream and impressive flora is filled with all the colors that the game is most enjoyable possible. You can be up to 24 players to play a more unforgettable Hunger Games ! Scour each well location to familiarize yourself with this map, because secrets are buried . Pay close attention to cobwebs will quit all your movements will cause you death more painful, but the worst of deaths remains drowning, because if you fall it will be difficult to trace and in this case the murky waters you prevail forever.

Schnogot was given the challenge of creating a survival island map with several floors as well as waterfalls and very usable buildings for players. He also wanted a map where all players remain and can not really hide and that is why he built an island on the water and not flying , as if a player falls it will be difficult to trace and die much faster .
In short, a complete success for this Quebec talented architect , and although this is the first time I present you one of his maps , I do not think this is the last saw that person’s talent .

The map was completed in about a week and with mcedit and WorldPainter . The images were taken through the program named Chunky and DantheMan37 for some images and freekm1234 for others. The resource pack on the images and the default package , yes, it is possible to make beautiful buildings with .
I leave you now see images Downstream !






Download Link:

Download Downstream Survival Games Map 1.7.5

How to install Downstream Survival Games Map 1.7.5

Go to the folder. Minecraft. To do this, open minecraft.exe and follow these steps:
1. Click on “Edit Profile”


2. Check the “Game Directory” and then copy the text to the right box:


3. Press the “Windows” key and “R” and paste the copied text


Mac, Linux and other text that you copied says “path” to follow your records to your “minecraft” folder.

It’ll just drag the folder of the map in the “saves” folder.

Have fun!

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