Banished Star Map

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Banished Star A solitary island in the mountainous border is in the middle of a blue ocean. And around the island, these mountainous borders with peaks rising up to the sky are covered with a thin layer of snow as to supplement these peaks so sharp that we could get hurt just by touching them. Inside this circular natural barrier is a forest which in turn surrounded a building of the most majestic, a building enclosed by tall towers, similar to mountain peaks, which are located in each corner to form a square. Large rock arches connect the towers on the sides without forming diagonals. Kinds of gems are flying within the walls of this fortress in natural and artificial air, but in the middle there is a large tower at its center a ball, or a black and bright star . Its brightness is transmitted all around her, as if his power was scattered to the four corners of this island paradise around, but the mysterious background.
The work of man is surely intervened at this point, but is it any artificial or he remains natural elements ?
Banished Star Map 1
As you read this map construction and impressive, but especially when you watch the video and images, as it is a masterpiece What Bambuspanda done and I thank him immensely for bring as much content for minecraftienne community.
The author allows people to use the map provided his name mentioned, basically like almost all other architects . Version. Schematic is available for download for those who know how to use WorldEdit, however I will make tutorial for installation

Banished Star Map

Banished Star Map 4

Banished Star Map 3

Banished Star Map 2

How to install:

Go to the folder. Minecraft. To do this, open minecraft.exe and follow these steps:

1. Click on “Edit Profile”


2. Check the “Game Directory” and then copy the text to the right box:


3. Press the “Windows” key and “R” and paste the copied text


Mac, Linux and other text that you copied says “path” to follow your records to your “minecraft” folder. It’ll just drag the folder of the map in the “saves” folder. Have fun!

Download Link:

Download Banished Star Map

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Banished Star Map
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