ArmorPlus Mod

Armor Plus Mod 1.10.2,1.10,1.9.4,1.9,1.8.9 has the feature of adding to Minecraft game a bunch of new cool armors that you can’t resist.
Author: Moritz30
  • Minecraft Mods
  • Updated December 2, 2016
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  • armorplus-1.10.2-
  • Release Type: Release
  • Supports: 1.11,1.10.2,1.10,1.9.4,1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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Armor Plus Mod is a mod based on exploration, killing, building, getting geared up, fight the bosses and explore the depths of your worlds

All donors will have a custom Item Cosmetic on top of their player

(They choose, it can be changed any time)

ArmorPlus depends on TheDragonLib to work.

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Please see Armor Plus Addon: WeaponsPlus Mod


  • Coal Armor is the weakest one but provides you with Night Vision
  • Lapis Armor is the second weakest one but gives you Resistance
  • Redstone Armor equal to Golden and gives you Speed 2
  • Emerald Armor is slightly better than Diamond and gives you Haste 2
  • Obsidian Armor is second the best and Gives you Fire Resistance
  • Lava Armor is the best one, (It is Made by smelting the Obsidian Armor) and gives you Fire Resistance and Resistance


ArmorPlus has added integration with:

JEI (Just Enough Items) – ArmorForge & Advanced Armor Forge

TOP (The One Probe) – All ArmorPlus Helmets

* Tesla – Tesla Tools & Steel Armor (secondary power)

* RF (Embemed) – All RF tools & Steel Armor (primary power)

* Tinkers’ Construct – some materials and modifiers like Lava Crystal (Material)






Mod Spotlights:


How to install:

  1. Install the version of Forge that corresponds with the mod (http://files.minecraftforge.net/ Choose the installer version of Forge)
  2. Download the ArmorPlus Mod.
  3. Drop the entire zipped file into your mods folder (Search %appdata% on your PC then go into .minecraft, then mods(create this folder if it is not there))
  4. Open Minecraft and make sure your profile is set to Forge
  5. Start Minecraft and enjoy!


Download Mods:

This mod is made by sokratis12GR, all credit to modder. Visit the original mod thread here for all info.

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ArmorPlus Mod
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