Alpine Valley Map

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Dear Minecrafter,

Today I present to you therefore Alpine Valley, a map created by the young American of 14 years. This map is actually a test for its special 500 subscribers , he wished to remain mysterious about the future creation seems prodigious again . In short, I will not dwell on that, because it is not the subject. The subject is obviously this mountain landscape , which remains one of the most beautiful in the world in my eyes, and snowy plains surrounded by vast forested mountains, but I’ll move on to the description explains it all.

Many people think incessantly urban landscape of paved roads where cars honking all day long , swarms of passersby on sidewalks buried under a multitude of chewing gum, but these people often do not have the possibility of go and see landscapes that we offer this generous flora. Landscapes which I speak are landscapes of high mountains where snow completely merge to form a mountain chain , a chain that extends across much of Europe , a chain named Alps. Snowy to the top, the breathtaking slopes and mountain peaks above the clouds is what are the Alps. However, nothing stops here, because these mountains dominate often wavy green plains where large and high conifers, the acicular needles, there are housed. Large pine cones, pine cones for the Swiss and casseroles for Quebecers , freshly fallen on the soft grass on the wind stirred the multitudes descend hills of this environment. That’s what the Alpine landscape .

The author of the map was inspired to create the GGJ16 ‘s own which will also be in its Special 500 subscribers . But I ‘ll tell you what she really extraordinary . Highest mountain is the layer of bedrock , so the layer until the layer 255 As regards the other mountains , they will generally the layer 64 to layer 255 . Imagine a mountain 255 blocks high, is not it fantastically awesome ? Although one may think that soon TheTripping Kangaro0 has peaked , that person is full of resources and it may show us again and again, it will surely never stop as our game cube exist.






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Alpine Valley Map
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